My own coffee beans

Have I winged at all this week? No? Well, here it comes, living away from our own apartment all this time is cracking me up. And it is not that I do not enjoy being with our family on this side and meeting our friends here, it is just that I actually miss our own space and surrounding white walls. I am one of those people who do love to dwell and all this time I am not dwelling, I am traveling. So now I have reached this level that not only I miss my parents and friends back home, I am also starting to miss all the little, unimportant things too. Like my spot on the couch, my own bed and pillows, my tiny bathroom and super powered hairdryer. But most of all I miss the smell of coffee in the morning from the freshly ground (usually lavazza) coffee beans. Yes, in floor number four we love the coffee. It is the one thing you will always find in our house, the coffee machine stays on all day long. And our coffee not only tastes great but it smells it too! It is definitely one of the things that makes our tiny apartment a home, and I miss home.  


  1. hope the coffee makes you feel good again
    enjoy your weekend

  2. It must be hard. As lovely as it is travelling around, there’s nothing like your home comforts- especially your own coffee! How much longer are you away for? Belated Happy New Year :)

  3. @Kay loves vintage: Once I am back to it, I am sure it will, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    @Kerry: We are not exactly sure of our plans yet, it could be a couple of more weeks before we are back. Sometimes winging helps, thanks for listening :) Happy new year to you too!