Creams and soap

About a month ago we were travelling around and we were constantly catching flights between places. So everything we had with us, carried in our luggage, had to be super light to stay within the overall allowed weight by the flights. This is why for removing make up I was only carrying some facial cleansing wipes. The lightest thing I could think of and also the cheapest; just in case I had to dump them at any point, and get us a few grams lighter. We had to go through this inconvenience because my husband always likes to travel with a good amount of shoes, which he ends up not wearing but we like to bring them along just in case! Anyways, after the first half of our holiday my skin started to look pretty crapy, because lets face it cleansing wipes suck, and I decided it was time to get something decent. So one day I found my way to Aesop, to which I was mainly drawn by the store's styling. Something between a library and a pharmacy, very minimal and Japanese kind of style. And I love the old-fashioned brown glass bottles of all their products with the black and white labels. The face soap I picked is actually a great choice, I would definitely recommended if you were looking. Fixed up my skin only after a couple of uses (man I sound like an advertisement!). The face cream, I would prefer it if it was a bit richer, it smells fantastic though. I can see myself getting addicted to this store!    


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