On Monday I received a blogging award from the city loving lady from the blog A little birdie told me. Thanks Jen! And if you too are into interiors, home stuff, cooking and pretty photos I suggest you pay this birdie a visit! As part of receiving this award, there go 10 questions answered and 7 things about me! 

Favorite song…
►  I don't have one in particular, I change my mind constantly. Today, 'In a manner of speaking' by Tuxedomoon 
Favorite dish…
►  Thai prawns with chilly and ginger
What makes you irritated?
►  Rude people
When I’m upset...
►  I like to crawl under the duvet
Favorite pet…
►  A dog!
Black or white?
►  Hard call, but I’ll go with white
My greatest fear…
►  Apart from death, cockroaches!
My everyday attitude…
►  Keep positive
What is perfection for me?
►  Feeling careless
My bad habits…
►  I am highly impatient

7 things about me;
►  I was born in Greece, I lived in England for about seven years when I was a student and in Ireland for one, currently I am in between things
►  I am an only child, I used to have a dog as a kid and was introducing her as my sister
►  I like my coffee only with condense milk, not fresh
►  I never go anywhere without my nivea hand cream
►  I pay too much attention to the aesthetics of a space. Every time I’m in a house, office, bank, basically anywhere that I am waiting around on my own, I am redecorating the space in my head.
►  I cannot raise my eyebrows individually and I cannot wink with my right eye
►  I always wanted to have darker hair

And I would like to pass this award to the following 5 lovely blogs(with less than 200 followers);


  1. A deserved award! Ha I am the same about re-decorating spaces around me. I am terrible go to new people's homes I am mentally re-arranging their furniture! xx

  2. Thank you so much, felt so honoured as you yourself have such a wonderful blog. Presently brain storming how to re-arrange our lounge, fancy shedding some light on it! Best, D xx

  3. THANK YOU! That was such a lovely surprise! I am so glad you like my blog! You made my day! I am planning to write about your award, hope you like it too! Thanks again! x

  4. Thank you so much for the award, really feel honored and glad that you have found your way to my corner. Thank you thank you! Axx

  5. Thank you !
    I am happy to know more about you and I am glad that my blog is mentioned !
    I also really like your blog ! x

  6. Thank you all for your positive comments!!