Another weekend in the emerald isle

Husband and I took our little nephew for a walk this weekend. The little man is after getting a scooter recently and he needs some space to ride it. We had to go a few times over the concept of why it is not a good idea to scooter on the grass or on the steps, and there were a couple of falls on the straight road but no tears involved. Overall, our day outdoors was a success. Getting back towards the café, for a sprite reward for the little man and warm coffees for ourselves, we walked past a little girl standing by her mother. Husband and I were a few steps ahead so I turned my head to check if the little man was catching up, just in time to see him pointing his finger to the girl, ala teacher style, and say ‘don’t pick your nose!’.  Now, I do not know what would have been the proper thing to do but in the following seconds 1. I turned vivid red, 2. Both husband and I put our heads down and kept walking in a casual we-do-not-know-this-kid kind of manner and 3. No offence to the girl but we were dying laughing inside! I mean if only you saw the bouncy, cartoony looking little man giving out about bad habits to strangers! Whom by the way, was caught up only minutes after doing the same thing himself! 

I hope you all had nice weekends and you are back to work all fresh!


  1. Ooh, lovely pics. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend.

    I've given you an award on my blog, please pop by to check it out!