12 cushions for 2012

There is always room for an extra cushion or a soft toy in the house, and with so many choices and unique designs around I decided to do a 2012 favorite collection post. This is how it goes:

1.  Lewis cushion cover by Le Train Fantome 
2.  Little jade plants by Cocon etc. 
3.  Ginger haired lady cushion by Darling Clementine 
4.  Poodle cushion by Smallable 
5.  Kids’ travelling pillow Gubbe by Butic Blanc Pop-up Store 
6.  Letter cushions by Design Traveller 
7.  Heart on sleeve pillow by K Studio 
8.  Mountains pillow case by Little Studio 
9.  Blue man pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday 
10. Anselme cat cushion by Smallable 
11. Yellow Patch Cat by Donna Wilson 
12. Softy bear pillow by Lama Designs 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing your art's. I have see the all your creation. i want to use your square cushion cover. You make the something different and really used embroidery stitches.