Our home intruder

A tiny lizard comes to visit our flat at least once every summer, and getting him out can be really tricky for he is so fast. Boyfriend will try catch him in a jar and then let him out. I just stay out of his way cause admittedly I am freaked out by him! Unfortunately, at the moment boyfriend is away for a few days and the tiny lizard decided to let himself in. I am just hoping he'll show his way out alone but it's been 2 days now and I keep seeing him different times different places. I even mopped over him by a mistake, pour guy went flat and then came back to shape like a cartoon. Funny to describe but you have to know I am not cool about it at all, even though he is half the size of my small finger...
Handmade lizard inspiration:

1.  Magnet from recycled can via here
2.  Lizard cutouts for scrapbooks, cards or framing via here
3.  Custom vinyl decal via here
4.  Set of 8 party soaps via here

Concept design

Simple design and functional products! This is what Hommin the Stockholm based studio is all about. 

1.   Pedant lamp to highlight your favorite objects 
2.   Trash bag holder, all you need is 4 pegs 
3.   Necklace and cloths, for hanging your cloths and dividing your space

All images from here.

Floating building

This floating-like 152sqm house+atelier building located at a site of 328sqm in Osaka caught my eye today! It is designed by the UID architects and I just love the inside/ outside feel of the spaces. 

Cycling dudes

Boyfriend is away for a few days and I am really missing him, so these photographs made me smile. Cycling dudes always remind me of him with his funny uniforms and pointy hats. 

These photographs are by Tim Irving, and you can check for more of his work on his website here or on his etsy shop here.

More food for the soul

Following my yesterdays example of relaxing in front of food styled images I found this blog called Souvlaki for the Soul, and with such a name how could I resist but to share it here! Peter, the guy behind this blog, is Australian of a Greek descent (hence the souvlaki reference) and his blog is all about his “foodie” fascination with a few nice greek food recipes! Fancy trying them out?   

So sweet!

I’ve been rushing a-lot today in a humid sticky weather and a couple of mosquitoes seem to have moved in my bedroom and upset my sleep. So to escape I moved next door to my computer and discovered Sweet Paul’s site and realised that lovely food posing for even lovelier photographs can be very mind relaxing and southing for the soul (if i may say) in such occasions!

Origami paper lights

I found some old Christmas lights in my drawer and I thought it would be a good idea to use them in our balcony now the weather is getting better and we get to spend a bit of our time there. So to add some color and make them look prettier I quickly made some origami balloons to cover them. I have to test them to make sure they wont get too warm and burn the house out, so I am suggesting you should only try this at home if you are sure you have the right lights and paper, but given you do here is how it goes!

1.   Origami paper (around 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)
2.   Christmas lights
3.   Instructions of how to make an origami balloon
4.   Once folding the balloons and blowing them up to get their shape you insert the lights from the opening used to blow the air in.

Et voila!

Rope wall divider

For all those open plan lovers that still need some sort of a division in their space what could be more easy to install, more cost effective and have such a visual impact rather than the rope wall below. The rope wall was designed by the host of the Brick House blog and is definitely an idea to consider when in need of such a solution.
Images via the Brick House  

And while still on the subject, here is another version of how you can use rope for a dramatic ceiling effect. 
Image via Dwell 

When the Persian rug met the vibrant color

These beautiful vintage, imperfect-style, vibrant colored rugs can be found at ABC Carpet’s Color Reform collection. Each one of them has been individually handcrafted, neutralized and then over-dried to produce an eye catching chromatic composition. Maybe you'll find them a bit pricy but they definitely worth saving up for! 

All images via here.

Made in France

Jean-Jacques Sempé is a French cartoonists who did the illustrations for the lovely book series of Le petit Nicolas, which I first came across and grew to love when I was 10 and since then I reread so many times.
Today I came across his daughter’s work, Inga Sempé; a designer who graduated from ENSCI in Paris in 1993 and is running her own studio in Paris since 2000. 

1.   Porcelain plates
2.   Lamp design (2 versions)
3.   Lacquered wood bookcase

All images via here

500 days of summer

This is one of my favorite movies! Mainly, because it is officially not a love story but a story about love. Also, it is a story of good taste, cool music, nice graphic design, beautiful interiors, love for architecture, pretty people, nice friends and unfortunate reality! A 95-minute inspiration.

Birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up in about a month so I think this is a good enough excuse for mentioning a few nice things that I have happened to fall on online. So there it goes the top 5-item wish list.


1.   These pillows by Donna Wilson are just so perfect! I am actually rolling my eyes as I think of them here, on the couch beside me!

2.   A poster by Cathrine Holm. I love all her stuff, looking at them at her etsy shop makes me feel like the mouse in the kitchen, don’t know what I should be going for first. 

3.   The module building set by ferm living! We have absolutely no space for this at the moment but I still want it, it will find its place eventually!

4.   A pair of wrist warmers please! And yes, summer is coming up, and yes I do live in Greece and it does get VERY warm here but a girl needs what a girl needs and I had my eye on these babies for a while now so they are definitely an item on the list.  

5.   A handmade stamp from this really nice etsy shop I came across recently. I have randomly picked the black ship here but all the stamps are just wonderful.