On the plane to London

As I write this we have already completed the first hour of our journey with the luxurious Ryan air, where I am practically squashed in the middle seat, elbows down, trying not to knock any of the other squashed passengers next to me as I write or even breath. I have a feeling that I forgot something important behind, but I always get this feeling when travelling so I am not too worried. And if we are missing something we might as well, turns out our luggage were overweight by two kilos each. Always the case when traveling with this airlines and their loony weight scales that obey to different gravity laws to the rest of the world. And while stuck here I have been observing the emergency instructions on the seat in front of me (20cm away from my eyes), and I came to the following question; in case of having to use the emergency exits, meaning that things are not good and you were probably in danger and most likely very panicked, why do they have to warn you 1. not to start taking photographs, and 2. not to grab the opportunity and have a cigarette break? And with this I leave you cause we just hit some turbulence and it is all getting very shaky.


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