Thursday night horror

We watched a horror film last night. It was alright, as alright as a horror film can be. I kind of spoiled it though by turning a few lights on half way through the movie. I had to protect myself you see, from getting scared enough to request husband to come with me every time I walked through a different room. I have this delayed response to scary movies, I don't get worried at all during the film and then when it is finished, bang (!) I become all miss-shaky-legs. So after this paranormal-theme-movie was done we had to wash it down with an episode of Modern Family the new series, love this series! So, lots of tv last night. Friday night tonight and we are hoping for a nice walk in the centre, maybe meet some people (??), it has been a very indoors week so far. Hope you all had a nice week and wishing you an even better weekend.


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