Therme Vals hotel

This is the Therme Vals hotel in Switzerland designed by Peter Zumthor, and we visited this place about a year ago. We drove a few good hours from the Italian side, up the Alps and then swinging round the mountains on the Swiss side just to visit this building. Switzerland on an August week day was green and extremely tidy with freshly cut grass fields everywhere your eye could see. In the few hours that we drove through the Swiss towns and mountains, we saw cars but no people whatsoever. An hour away from the hotel even the cars disappeared, it was all about the Alps and us. And then in the middle of nowhere, on the narrow road that we were driving on, we came across a red traffic light! There was road works done and only one lane was in use, hence the lights to give way. But there was noone working or being near by and we could see the road being clear of cars in both directions. So while waiting for the lights to get green for a few minutes, which felt like for ever (time counts very different when you are surrounded by this very beautiful yet very still country side), we were discussing that maybe the lights were off and maybe we should drive through. But being in Switzerland made us a bit more patient, cause the Swiss couldn't have organized something this wrong. Of course they couldn't, traffic lights did turned green.

The Therme Vals hotel was great. We chilled in the cafe for a bit looking at the mountain tops across and then we were booked in for the thermal baths which were amazing. Every detail of the baths' building was perfect, the views, the indoor/ outdoor pools, the lights, the echo and chill-out rooms, and the floors inside the baths were of this rough stone that felt so nice walking on with wet feet.


  1. Wow, looks amazing! I would so love to go there. Great pics :)

  2. If you do get a chance do, the best bit is what I haven't photographed, the baths!