Sugar Stories and the architecture of a cookie

Today's post is all about sweet pretty looking things that taste delicious. It is about the Sugar Stories made by a team of three who are based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and are full of ideas for anything that has to do with sweets and decoration to host your kid's birthday party, christening, baby shower, wedding, and so on. Basically, anything that involves pretty looking sweets that leaves you with a yummy taste, you name it and they can do it! 

And today I am around photographing some samples of their work. Actually, I am even allowed to eat a few! The only problem is that with cookies looking so cute, making them disappear into my stomach for ever kind of makes me feel guilty. 

For more information about the Sugar Stories try their website here, or their Facebook page here

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  1. Oh these look yummy! I like how thick they are, a really good bite! :-)