Planning an adventure

Like I've mentioned here before, this summer two things happened that are not usual to our summer's routine. The first is that we got married in June, the second is that we never had any holidays. We did spend a week with friends and family after our wedding and we did manage a couple of long weekend escapes towards the end of August, but we never properly packed up and left the city for long enough to consider it a break. So now having finished all the jobs that were holding us back, it is pay back time. Aaaand we have organized le big trip east of Greece, which actually starts by flying west and spending three days in London. Then we are flying to Singapore where we get to stay for another three days, and finally we are getting to Australia where we plan to stay for a month, visiting friends and traveling around. We are also planning to do a bit of a job investigation, cause things are getting a bit too quite here so we are checking out our options. So it is a mixed work and pleasure trip and I have to say we are both uber exited so far! We are leaving here on Friday and wish me luck cause I am after realizing my passport expired and I am expecting a new one this week (adventure started already), fingers crossed!

This little fellow photoshoped in my photograph is from Kate Hindley's cards and you can check them yourselves here.


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