My favorite Grand Designs episode

For those of you not familiar with the British television, Grand Designs is a Channel-4 series hosted by designer Kevin McCloud, who presents in each episode the whole building process of an unusual architectural house-design project. 

The 1st series started in 1999 when we were still living in England, but being the house design freaks that we are we carried on the habit of Grand Design watching up to today and in every country we lived. Every single episode of each series is interesting on a different level, but my favorite one remains the series 10 episode called the Scandinavian House. It was one of the projects that was completed within time and more importantly within budget, which (both in this series and in real life) hardly ever happens. But the reason of me liking it is simply because this house is my kind of taste, I mean I could just live there without changing anything. And therefore I am posting a few images of how the whole thing turned out in the end and I hope you like it too.


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