The Floornumberfours vs the Simpsons

Well, we might have a small family, being only the two of us, no kids, no cats or dogs, we might have a small car and a small house, but we definitely have the same size couch as Marge and Homer! And we do make as much use out of it as they do, I am sure. Not that we are great tv enthusiasts and we fight for our position in front of the telly, it is simply that it is the only sitting spot in our tiny living room. However, lately there has been some complaints. Turns out I either have started to stretch too much or I am getting taller(!?) and I am squeezing someone into the corner. Seriously, the plan was that we were moving out of here last year but for some reasons we had to postpone our move for a bit longer and now this place is starting to feel annoyingly small, our couch is starting to feel too short, and I keep complaining about everything in here with every chance. Be patient (I need to remember!). 


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