Best smelling candles

This is my latest addiction, scented candles! It started one day before xmas last year, I was in ikea walking past the candle section and there were piles of pinetree-scented candles. Walking past them was like walking through a xmas forest. They were not that expensive so I grabbed a pair, but when I burned them they smelled like nothing. My friend around that time had a Molton Brown candle, now this was actually a great smelling candle. Unfortunately, it is also as expensive as you can go on the candle market. So after some online research (looking for the in-between solutions) I got a few other candle suggestions, from which only a limited selection can be found in my city. Yankee Candle is one of them and so far they do work for my nose. And I love picking them. Every time I am to pick a new candle I have to smell every single bottle, then walk away to the rest of the shop and always go back for the final sniff, which leads me to the candle I am to take back home. These two candles were given to me as a birthday present in June, and I did not get a chance to burn them because of the roasting summer we had. Didn't want to increase the already boiling heat in the house by any means. So today, weather being cool and everything, we get to burn the pink lady, yeeaii! It's the little things that keep us happy these days.


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