A weekend away

Having spend most of the summer in the city our mini weekend escapes to the sea feel like oasis breaks in the desert. Today we are here, at Armenistis camping in Chalkidiki (northern Greek mainland). The sea in front of the camping is great and the rest of the area is very green with high trees providing with perfect shade. We are spending most of our day lazing around at the cafe or at the sea reading books and doing crosswords, there is a soft breeze here I appreciate a lot. During the night it gets a bit nippy, which after three months of constant heat, it feels just great having to put a fleece on. 

The closest village is Sarti about 10km away, but to be honest we are in no need to leave the sea or the shade under the trees. And I like it how there is no beach bar with loud music, a fashion that seems to have spoiled most of the greek beaches (according to my taste at least). The only thing that spoiled it a bit for us was when last night around 4 o'clock in the morning a group of people, showing no respect for sleeping hours were having a loud conversation giggling and laughing, while we were rolling in our mattress wondering when the hell our fellow campers would just shut up. Then again having gone through it, today is another day and I am just happy to be away from our roasting apartment!     


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