Tidying and Organizing

I am proud to have completed this years autumn-storage-cleaning in our house. Meaning that all our cupboards, wardrobes, drawers etc. have been cleaned spotless for this year. And no, I do not particularly enjoy cleaning I just like things clean. So there, this is as exciting life has been the last few days. Next thing to be dealing with is digitally sorting out our recent work on small-scale renovations. We keep meaning to every time we finish a project but then we move to the next one and it is all forgotten. But this time we are really serious about it so I have faith we will. And eventually I should be putting up some before and after photographs of some examples of our work. Meanwhile I leave you with photos of our colorful josephjoseph bowls, the alessi wine bottle opener and my orange kenzo bottle posing happily in their extra clean homes!


  1. Very jealous of your clean, organised drawers and cupboards! You’ll have to come and do mine!! Ok, I need to do mine :)

  2. I know, it took me at least a week thinking about it before I convinced myself to get around to actually start, not the most exiting job!