Piggy on your plate

As a kid I never ate all my food. So my mum would always make sure to trick me into finishing my eating by exiting me over how eating all my food would get me to see the picture on my plate. At the time we had these off-white plates with a huge red apple drawn in the middle. That was the plate I was eating from everyday, which means she was either very good at convincing people or I was a very naive kid for her trick worked day after day and I was eating my food just to get to see the full apple. And maybe this is why even now as an adult I love plates that have a pretty sketch drawn on. So Kim Welling's piggy plates (you can check on her etsy shop) really caught my eye. Pretty lovely don't you think?  

1 comment:

  1. Yes, love it. Really like Kim Welling’s new ceramics. Sadly my favourites sold out almost straight away.