First autumn rain

In Greece during July and August there is one thing you can count on, it hardly ever rains! So camping never really gets either messy or stressful. But already being the first week of September the rain proof era is valid no more. And last night we got rain, I mean A LOT of it. 

At the beginning we thought we were lucky enough to walk back to the campsite, brush teeth and get into the tent just in time before the first drops started to fall. By the time it started raining really hard we were comfortably lying on our blow up mattress, commenting on how we love the noise of rain tapping on our tent and how everything went dead quite and peaceful. We were happily falling asleep having nothing to fear (except wishing that we won't need to use the toilet during the night) for we have a brand new tent this summer, with two layers, waterproof and everything! 

It wasn't until a bit later, just as we were falling asleep that bits of rain started occasionally dropping on us. Turns out that there is a reason for using all pegs and stretching your tent when putting it up. Yes, silly me thought that fixing every single peg was just for keeping the tent down to earth if it gets really windy. And since we were not on a hill in an island or anywhere else windy for that matter we thought sod it, only the corner pegs would do as good. But the tent was not stretched enough only with the corner pegs so water was coming from the tiny, side windows and by the time it was too late to get out and fix it cause it was like a monsoon. Thank god we had three plastic bin bags with us, two of which hubby strategically piped out and threw on top of the  windows. The third one I put on my legs on top of the sleeping bag because there was still some water dropping in. Lucky enough we made it through the night without flooding. In the morning there was no water in our tent but everything felt a bit damp. It was our last day camping so it is not as bad.

Moral of the story, always but always use all your tent's pegs! 

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  1. Ah Maria that is what I would class as a school boy/girl error. Enjoying the blog