Time to be choosing +B's present

Nespresso verses Nescafe machine, and personally talking there is no comparison really. The Nespresso machine wins by far. The design, the quality, the choices of different coffee and the actual taste of coffee. It has the full packet. My dilemma starts because the reason for getting this coffee machine in the first place is to gift it to someone who does not drink coffee, however she owns a spotless white kitchen and has no desire to put anything on display unless if it is the perfect match. 
On the other hand there is the Nescafe machine, Nestle's design for those who like to make standard taste coffee and other beverages out of capsules, very tidy and everything yet you wont get the full quality in either the machine's looks or taste of its drinks. 

So, to sum up we have the Nespresso machine which is small, elegant, comes in a range colors and makes perfect coffee in the neatest possible way (an experience which unfortunately if you drink no coffee will only be enjoyed by friends and visitors) or the Nescafe machine, which makes drinks for everyone (coffee drinkers and more), it is very neat to use too, and comes with a few color options however most of them are looking plasticky and it is pretty big compared to the Nespresso. 

Need some help really, should I go for one or the other or should I just abandon the whole plan and pick a totally different item as a gift, ha? 


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