A Spanish gentleman from Argentina in Greece

Look who came in the post just yesterday, a Spanish gentleman and Hector!! And yes these are their actual names, given by the lovely etsy shop biribs, and I hope you will agree that they just look beautiful. I spotted them online about four and a half months back. It was love from first site, I actually had to interrupt hubby to announce that I found the perfect present for myself and I was ready for him to order it straight away for me. My birthday was due to two months at the time and like I said I so liked the little brooches I couldn't bother with hinting about them, I had to actually demand them as my-present-to-be. 

So we ordered them straight away, and then we waited... We were warned that it would take a while to receive them, cause they were send all the way from Argentina so it takes time. But after two and a half months I kind of decided that my present was never gonna get here, I was convinced it was either lost or stolen and we canceled the order. So you can imagine my face when yesterday morning, four and a half months later I received a small parcel from a sender with a Spanish name. And voila, the Spanish gentleman and Hector were here and I was very happy to finally get my birthday present! Of course I did contact biribis to let them know that at the end I did get the brooches and I was to resend the payment so everyone is happy! I got my brooches, shop gets payment and all bad suspicion on Argentinian and Greek post is lifted. Now, I can't wait to show these guys off!    


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