Renovation in progress

It has been some very busy three weeks. I am working on a dental practice renovation project due to be finished by mid-August so due to the really tight schedule plus the unbearable heat I have been literally going like wake up- shower- work- go home- shower- put air condition on- sleep and so on. And another difficulty with working in the summer and coming close to August is trying to meet the delivery deadlines so you won't be left waiting till the end of September since most suppliers close for that month. In my renovation case so far so good, but there is plenty still to go so I better not jinks it.  

There is nothing of the final space yet in these photographs, apart from messy walls and missing windows. Oh, we had also got unexpected new arrivals! A pigeon had her chick under a cupboard in the balcony! We had to move the poor guy together with the cupboard cause the tiles underneath him had to be replaced, and next week he has to be moved again by the painter. Sorry chick, seems like pigeon mama picked the wrong balcony for this summer. We are working as fast as we can however and soon enough we will leave you in peace!

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