Bombonieres equals wedding favors

These little bags were our bombonieres or wedding favors as they call them in the rest of the world. We had them placed on the tables on each guests’ plate to be found when they arrived for dinner. I didn’t like the idea of handing them over to people on their way out of the church, that’s the traditional way it is done here but I found it a too-messy way. Also, since it is mainly a greek thing I was afraid it would confuse the Irish (hubby is Irish, you see)! 

Our bombonieres were made out of recycled brown paper with  badges that had a sketch of our faces on and a cheesy love statement. But it was a bit funny too, so we went for it! The white sugared sweets inside were just yummy! They were of a lemon and chocolate-almond flavor and I had a good few of them myself while getting them packed! There were four choco-almond and one lemon sweet in each bag. I think there was something very feng shui about it that possessed me to do so (like the red fish together with one black fish in a fish bowl, get it?). 

So there, that's how we did it, nothing with greek flags and ancient columns on. My big fat greek wedding involved a small crowd and no nationality statement of any sort. Oh well, apart maybe from a choice of zorba and irish style dancing later on that day!


  1. το blog σου είναι πολύ φρέσκο και αεράτο και χαρούμενο! και χαίρομαι που σε βρήκα!
    αν και ένα χρόνο περίπου μετά την παραπάνω ανάρτηση, θέλω να πώ: τί τέλειες μπομπονιέρες είναι αυτές!
    έχω ακριβώς το ίδιο σελοτεϊπ με καρδούλες!

    υ.γ.είναι εντάξει να γράφω ελληνικά; :)

    1. Φχαριστώ Ευδοκία, ας είναι καλά το tiger για φθηνό+χαρούμενο αναλώσιμο εξοπλισμό! Και εννοείται πως τα ελληνικά ειναι εντάξει! xx