Our home intruder

A tiny lizard comes to visit our flat at least once every summer, and getting him out can be really tricky for he is so fast. Boyfriend will try catch him in a jar and then let him out. I just stay out of his way cause admittedly I am freaked out by him! Unfortunately, at the moment boyfriend is away for a few days and the tiny lizard decided to let himself in. I am just hoping he'll show his way out alone but it's been 2 days now and I keep seeing him different times different places. I even mopped over him by a mistake, pour guy went flat and then came back to shape like a cartoon. Funny to describe but you have to know I am not cool about it at all, even though he is half the size of my small finger...
Handmade lizard inspiration:

1.  Magnet from recycled can via here
2.  Lizard cutouts for scrapbooks, cards or framing via here
3.  Custom vinyl decal via here
4.  Set of 8 party soaps via here


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