Birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up in about a month so I think this is a good enough excuse for mentioning a few nice things that I have happened to fall on online. So there it goes the top 5-item wish list.


1.   These pillows by Donna Wilson are just so perfect! I am actually rolling my eyes as I think of them here, on the couch beside me!

2.   A poster by Cathrine Holm. I love all her stuff, looking at them at her etsy shop makes me feel like the mouse in the kitchen, don’t know what I should be going for first. 

3.   The module building set by ferm living! We have absolutely no space for this at the moment but I still want it, it will find its place eventually!

4.   A pair of wrist warmers please! And yes, summer is coming up, and yes I do live in Greece and it does get VERY warm here but a girl needs what a girl needs and I had my eye on these babies for a while now so they are definitely an item on the list.  

5.   A handmade stamp from this really nice etsy shop I came across recently. I have randomly picked the black ship here but all the stamps are just wonderful.    


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