Royal stuff

Lets face it, we’ve all seen the royal wedding again and again the last few days out of choice or not, whether we loved it or we loved to hate it. Maybe, it is the fairytale element that kept us staring the tv or the fact that the tv showed nothing but. And all the build up about the dress and the hair and the tiara on the hair, oh my! And more interviews with the hairdressers and how they just couldn’t sleep for days before the event! There is always going to be some spoilers, like why on earth these two girls were wearing such awful hats (no names given but I think you might know who I’m talking about…) and why they made this cheap movie of how the bride and the groom met (which by the way everyone, including myself has sat down and watched). 

But other than that it all went perfect as a royal British wedding would deserve to, and the dress was lovely and the bride even prettier and we can only hope they lived happily ever after!


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