Home sweet home vs home tiny home

So let me give you a brief introduction to our home, and actually when it comes to our home brief is the keyword. This place is tiny! Tiny means two people living in a 55sqm fourth floor apartment in Greece. I settled in five years ago and about three years later my boyfriend moved in. So we had this overambitious plan to manage fitting all of our cloths, coats and shoes, a living room, a dinning table, a work desk, and a bookcase with all our books in here… for a while anyway. And lets say that we succeeded a great amount. But we are no miracle workers, I still keep lots of my stuff at my mum’s house down the road and boyfriend still keeps a few of his books and mags in boxes at his parents (in Ireland, 2768 km away). 

Oh, we will all get reunited once we get ourselves something bigger, which we have faith is gonna happen pretty soon. But until then we have to live away from a few of our stuff plus settle with the fact that living room means a couch across a narrow lounge unit with the tv on. 


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