Boyfriend's birthday and the birth of my blog

I have no voice! We should be out right now celebrating another year of boyfriend’s birthday but we are indoors and it is all due to my cold. Five days ago, a cold Saturday night in Athens and yet I was feeling the hottest thing in the neighbourhood, literally. But I wasn’t (da-haa)! So my attempt to go out that night with a sort sleeve top and a thin spring coat turned into a runny nose, heavy cough and no voice since morning after. And now, we are on day 5 and yet no sign of my ability to speak, even whispering feels like a task. So this five days stuck on the couch situation (with very poor tv programs) only left me the choice of lots of internet surfing and even more blog reading. And it was some time towards the end of day 4 I decided I had enough of reading and starting my own blog was the only natural thing to follow. So here it is, all brand new, same birth date as boyfriend only years younger!


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